Here’s what’s new in Flickr for Apple TV

During today’s latest Apple TV update, among the new channels that were added Yahoo made a pretty significant update to its existing Flickr channel. For those of us who haven’t had chance to take a look at it yet, Yahoo has outlined just what’s new.

For the first time with Apple TV, sign into Flickr and view all your photos, videos, Favorites, Albums, and Groups. In one click, make any album into a slideshow or screensaver ready to share with friends, or customize in real-time with over fifteen different slideshow and screensaver modes.

Share your photos and discover others’ through a dedicated “Explore” section highlighting our top trending photos, weekly photographer spotlights, daily curated galleries and videos, and public photo archives.

Beyond this the new search function gives you the power to find images by people, photos or groups that interest you and will kick in as soon as you start to type. You can also visit Flickr photographers profile pages and add images to your favorites with one click.

Flickr for Apple TV has until now felt a little lacking but Yahoo looks to have made a real difference with this latest effort. I’ve not personally had chance to check it out fully, but I’m looking forward to getting into it. If you’ve already taken it for a test drive be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Yahoo

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