Family Forced to Euthanize Pets Burned in Alleged Arson Case

A West Little Rock family says someone set their dogs on fire while trying to burn down their home as the family slept early Friday morning.
By Friday evening, the family is fine physically, but five of the puppies are suffering from burns on their faces and bodies. The family was forced to put down two of their dogs who were badly burned.

?”Numbness. I just had to put the most dearest bulldogs in our life to sleep because someone came in our home, dumped gas in our kitchen and burnt our dogs,” said owner Jeffrey Foley.

According to a Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office report Foley’s stepson woke up, saw an unidentified male figure doing a scoop like hand motion and pouring what they believe to be gasoline across the kitchen. Then their son said he saw the room go up in flames.

“I didn’t have shoes on when I went to the kitchen, I have just a couple of burns on my feet,” said Margie Foley.

Margie says they were lucky the family made it out safely, but they couldn’t leave behind their pets, seven English Bulldogs that were locked in crates in the kitchen.

“I had to drag them out one at a time,” she recalled.

Jax. Molly, and the others are being treated at Doubletree Animal Hospital, suffering from moderate to severe burns, but two of the family’s oldest prized show dogs Obie and Bebe received the worst burns.

“They just want love and for someone to do this is just horrific,” Margie said, playing with the remaining dogs.

After saying goodbye, the Foleys say they are devastated but determined to move forward knowing their remaining injured pups may never make it to the show circuit, but grateful they’ve made it through the fire, alive

“They’re bulldogs. They’ll overcome any of these obstacles,” said Jeffrey Foley.

Pulaski County Sheriff’s deputies are still investigating this case.


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