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So during this unit of PE we have been working on fitness, health as well as wellness. We started off by doing?circuit exercises ?which helped us with cardiovascular endurance, flexibility,?Muscle strength,Muscle endurance and body composition(which are the 5 components of physical fitness). ?Then we practiced running through Yamashita Park, because we were focusing on Cardiovascular Endurance. ?After that we did a Cooper Test, which was where we ran around I think a 120m track in which we spend 12 minutes running around to see how many times we could run around it. The test was to help measure are Cardio Vascular Endurance. Then we did multiple tests to test the 5 different components of physical fitness.

Health in general is split up into different aspects physical health, social health and mental health. Physical health is the ability to do regular physical activity and being able to be well in your?environment. For example being able to go for a 30 minute jog without feeling sick or having to rest multiple times. As well as for physical health is also having proper?nutrition which is basically eating right and eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and keeping a good body weight. Mental health is basically someones emotional well being like how they are feeling. A sports related thing to mental health would be how you feel like you are needed in a sports team and you feel valued. Mental Health is also where you feel like you can bounce back from sadness or something that has hurt you and you feel like you belong, you feel safe.

Flexibility is where your joints have the ability to move to like its fullest amount I guess. Basically flexibility is where you can easily bent and shape down to touch your does or just move your body in general.

Cardio-vascular endurance is where your body(which is basically ?your heart and blood cells), can handle you doing exercise for a long amount of time without stopping or feeling ill. More scientifically like your heart and lungs have the ability to give your muscles that are working oxygen to continue exercising for long periods of time. For example if you have good cardio-vascular endurance you can run for like 30 minutes at a good pace without resting.

Body composition is ?the many parts of your body like bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, muscle, fat and fluids like inside your body.?All of these different parts of your body ?relate to one another in what is ?known as body composition.

Muscular Strength or Muscular endurance is having?the ability to lift a heavy amount of weight a few times without stopping. Or just being able to lift something heavy, for example lifting a 10 pound weight multiple times(maybe in circuit training) for a minimule amount of time. Muscular endurance is the ability to lift an amount of weight that is pretty heavy as many times as possible. Muscular strength is built and can be improved by lifting small amounts of weight .

How can and why should you test your fitness?

Doing tests that cover the four main concepts that I just talked about, for example doing a cooper test, to test your cardiovascular endurance. Another test you can do regularly are body composition tests just by weighing yourself and checking your height once in a while and putting them in a online bmp test. You should do these tests to make sure you are fit, and so you don?t have problems in the future with health.

?What types of fitness test have you used?

We have done multiple fitness tests, I have used a flexibility test in which we stretch to the farthest we can on this box and record the number( A sit and reach test) I did a situps test in which we record how many sit ups we can do in 1 minute. As well as a pushups test to see how many pushups we can do in 1 minutes.( this was to test muscular endurance). We did a Vertical Jump test in which we had to jump as high as we could(( we used this test to test are power which is a combination of strength and speed). We did a burpee test to test are?cardiovascular endurance, agility and coordination. We also did weight and height tests to test our body composition. I can compare results with others by just asking people but results they got for each test.

My analysis of my own fitness levels is that for my Cardio-vascular endurance, I did average in I was testing in the male category but for the female category I would be very good, which means my heart is running well and ?I can run for a long time.( I have figured this out from the Cooper Test). For muscular endurance I am average because I could only do 29 pushups in 1 minute. For my flexibility I would say that I am pretty good because I could reach 42cm on the sit and reach test. The areas of fitness that are important to me area some of the things ?I mentioned above: Health,Cardiovascular endurance, body composition. Health because I want to be able to do things on a daily basis, without struggle. Cardiovascular endurance because I think its really important to have a good cardio-vascular endurance because it helps keep your heart strong and it helps prevent heart disease. Body composition because your weight and height really do matter, because if you are very over-weight it can cause you to be unfit and unhealthy and that can lead to serious medical conditions.

My goals, I have thought of to try and achieve in 3 months is:

To do at least 30minutes ?to 1 ?hour of biking,swimming or running a week(to keep my cardiovascular endurance in shape)

To do pushups and situps 1o times a day for muscular strength and endurance.

Lastly to stay?positive in my head and always ask people for help when i am feeling down for general health.


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