Jersey Shore?s Deena Cortese Two Year Bar Ban!

A New Jersey bar has decided it wants no part of Jersey Shore drunken disaster Deena Cortese and they have banned her from the joint for two years, awesome! The Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grille in Seaside Heights, New Jersey is dunzo with Cortese after her arrest last June has led to the restaurant having to pay a $15,000 fine. Officials at NJ’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control has been investigating what went down on June 10 that led to Deena?s arrest after she spent time at the bar. The DABC decided that the Mexican Grill was at fault for over serving the drunk girl who was later arrested when she was found dancing in the street. She was later let go after paying a small fine and apologizing for being such a drunken mess, or in her words causing so much trouble. So according to TMZ as part of the fine or punishment if you will Deena was banned from the bar for two years. That is right the bar sold her out and in order to save them from an even heftier fine they that got The Jersey Shore star to agree to sign papers that she was […]


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